Special edition to Metropóli Comic Con in Gijón, Spain.

Flexible cover.

48 pages.

Writer: David Michelinie, Jim Shooter.

Artist: Paul Ryan.

Inker: Vince Colletta.

Colorist: Bob Sharen.

Cover Artist: Mike Deodato Jr, Rodney Ramos, Ulises Arreola.

Translator: Santiago Garcia 

Publication Date: July, 2017.

Material: Couché paper.

Size: 6,3 x 10,24 inches (16x26 cm).

UPC: 977123451800500001.


SPIDERMAN: Especial 30 Aniversario de La Boda de Spiderman

  • Edition of Mike Deodato Jr.'s personal collection This and other editions will be autographed with or without dedication, in case you want Mike Deodato Jr to be your copy. Cover art is exclusive design only for editions sold at Comics Elite.

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