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Paperback / capa cartonada.

64 Pages / páginas.

Artists / desenhistas: Mike Deodato Jr, Steven Hughes, Ivan Reis, David Michael Beck, Justiniano, Daerick Gross, Brom, Ricky Carralero, Scott Lewis, Peter Vale, Romano Molenaar, Dorian Cleavanger, Randy Queen, Joe Bennett, Carlos Mota. 

Publication Date / data da publicação: September 2001 / setembro 2001.

Material: Couché paper / papel couchê.

Size: 5 x 3,5 inches / tamanho: 12,7 x 8 cm.

ISBN: 9 781930 687981

Lady Death's Black Book

  • Edition of Mike Deodato Jr's personal collection.
    This and other editions will be signed with or without dedication, in case you want Mike Deo